Supporting Commercial Radio

  • What support do commercial radio staff receive when they need someone to talk to, especially if they've been sacked, had their shift changed, or they’re facing physical, emotional, or relationship challenges in their private or public lives?

  • How do news journalists know who to contact when a tragedy happens in your broadcast area, or when a moral, ethical, or religious story hits the headlines? 

  • Who, on behalf of the churches, can speak in a relevant and appropriate way on commercial radio?   

  • Who do radio stations consult for advice when they are planning community events or charity appeals? 

You’ve most probably got answers to these questions, but this site is to let you know about a FREE service that Tony Miles is offering as a Media Chaplain to commercial radio stations and individuals within the industry.

What’s a Media Chaplain?

This service is primarily for London and Essex, but not exclusively.  It's an ecumenical Christian chaplaincy, yet offering sensitive care for those with any faith, or no faith.

Tony was appointed to this role in September 2004 and has pioneered the project with joint funding and support from the Essex Churches and also the Methodist Church (with the assistance of grants from Ministry and Mission and the London Methodist District.)

How can Tony help?

There are four key services on offer:

  • pastoral support, care and devotional resources for those who work in the Commercial Radio Industry (primarily).

  • to build bridges and understanding between the Church and the industry - e.g. By being a founding trustee of the Church and MediaNetwork (and theMediaNet). This also includes assisting the Church to relate to the ‘missing generations’ in our churches – through the lessons and skills learnt from the Commercial Radio industry.

  • help to ‘keep the rumour of God alive’ on Commercial Radio through advertising initiatives and by helping to resource programming.

  • a service to assist Commercial Radio journalists – especially with regards to moral, ethical and religious news stories.

Mission Statement

Tony seeks to become a recognised Christian presence in the media through informal networking and the building of working relationships – predominantly, but not exclusively, engaging with commercial radio stations that can be heard in Essex and East London.

Additional Aims

  • To enable young people to become involved in radio through encouragement and training.

  • To speak ecumenically - nurturing awareness, interest and involvement.

  • To utilise Tony's own skills and experience as a presenter, contributor, and writer.

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