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Maybe Today

Tony's latest book 'Maybe Today' was published on Easter Day 2009 by CWR. It is available from this web site. It follows the last book he wrote with his wife, Frances, called ‘Like a Child’. Tony also regularly contributes to ‘Living Light’ and, occasionally, 'Inspire' magazine. When time permits, he writes articles and devotions for other publications.

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The book is priced at £8.99 (ISBN 978-1-85345-499-8) and is available from good Christian Bookshops, but can also be purchased for £6.99 including postage and packing from this web site using PayPal, or cheques can be made payable to ‘Rooftops Publishing’ and sent to:

Maybe Today, c/o Revd Tony Miles

Rooftops Publishing

Church Office, Methodist Central Hall

Westminster, London. SW1H 9NH

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Living Light

Tony is a regular contributor to Living Light - Bible Reflections for Every Day Living. This is published by the Nationwide Christian Trust and 46,000 copies are circulated free of charge with the compliments of supporters. Please click on the logo below to find out more.

Tony's contributions to Living Light appear in the following editions:

  • June-July-August 2004
  • September-October-November 2004
  • March-April-May 2005
  • June-July-August 2005
  • December-January-February 2005/6
  • June-July-August 2006
  • December-January-February 2006/7
  • June-July-August 2007
  • September-October-November 2007
  • March-April-May 2008
  • September-October-November 2008
  • March-April-May 2009
  • March-April-May 2010
  • Sept -October-November 2010

Like A Child – by Tony and Frances Miles

The 'Like A Child' thought series, was first broadcast on Premier Christian Radio in 1997 and ran weekly for 5 years.  Some of these reflections were published in April 2003 by Rooftops Publishing.

The sales of this book have been extremely encouraging. It’s aim is to raise a smile and inspire your thinking. Tony and his wife, Frances, decided to write down some of the things our children said and did, not to show them to be ignorant or misguided, but that we might learn from them. It's surprising how taking time to observe and listen to children can be a way of opening yourself to the kingdom of God.

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Here’s what some people have said about the book:

'Tony and Frances’ book is approachable, highly readable and great fun. It integrates the Christian message with everyday stories and shows that faith is about normal life. Great reading!' Rev. Dr Rob Frost, evangelist, author and broadcaster.

When Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me,’ he was doing more than creating space to spend some time with a small group of curious kids. He was stating a spiritual principle that we need to be childlike in our approach to him. Like A Child captures the essence of this truth and in a series of short, funny, poignant stories leads us closer to the heart of the gospel. The purity and simplicity expressed in these pages is both charming and captivating.” Peter Kerridge, Managing Director of Premier Christian Radio.

'Thankfully, Like A Child, goes a bit deeper than those compilations of children's cute comments ... ideal for personal quiet times.' Families Together Magazine

'... to encourage us all in the situations we find ourselves ...

Buy it, have a good read ...' Headline Magazine

'... a collection of those precious moments, generated by the authors' two children ... I think you will enjoy this book.' Prophecy Today Magazine

The RRP for this book is £7.99 (ISBN 0 9544038 00), but can be purchased for £3.99 as a special offer from this web site using PayPal, or cheques can be made payable to ‘Rooftops Publishing’ and sent to:

c/o Rev. Tony Miles

Rooftops Publishing

Church Office, Methodist Central Hall

Westminster, London. SW1H 9NH


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